Fall 2020 Newsletter

Thank you for choosing SOCCER!
The GWFSA Executive Board meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm at the GWFSA Soccer Fields. Our address is GWFSA, PO Box 4612, Wichita Falls, Texas 76308.

The Fall youth season starts on Saturday, September 12th. Any weather cancellation notices or other bulletins will be posted on the red Alert page which appears when you log into www.gwfsa.org. We will post by 7:00 am on Saturday and by 4:00 pm on week days on the red alert pop up www.gwfsa.org.

Registration for the FALL 2020 soccer season is open. The last day to register for the Fall season is Wednesday, August 12th, 2020. Every player must register on line using a credit card. You will receive an email from gotsoccer with your player username and password. If you do not see it in your email in box, check your spam file. You MUST use the username and password to make sure that you remain on the same team from season to season and that the computer recognizes you as the same player. If you do not receive a username and password, email Becky Turpin, Albert Jimenes or JC Whaley. You will find their information under Contacts on the GWFSA web page. We accept credit cards only. The season dates are posted. You may see them by clicking on the calendar or viewing the upcoming events on the home page. You may check your players age division by viewing the age chart. Go to www.gwfsa.org, click on Resources, select Forms and click on the Age Chart for Fall 2020/Spring 2021.

Our Parents are our Coaching base. For every team that we form, we must have a parent step up and volunteer to coach. We have a new coaches clinic scheduled this fall. It will be held on Sunday, August 23rd, 2020 at 4:00 pm at the soccer complex office building. Our commissioners and officers will be glad to answer any questions you have. Please consider becoming a coach and making it possible for the children to play soccer. WE NEED YOU!!! We also need Commissioners. If you are interested in volunteering, email Claude Miller, crm2027@gmail.com.

To start the registration process, just click on the Registration Box on our gwfsa.org home page. Select New Players and Returning Recreational Players box for returning players or new players, and then select individual user to begin the registration process. Put in the returning player’s username and password in the individual user box on the lower right hand side of screen or create a new username and password for new players in the box on the lower left hand side of page. If a player is wanting to transfer off the team they were registered on in the Spring 2020 to a new team this Fall, 2020, make sure you use the Youth Requesting Transfer box option. The $15 transfer fee is automatically charged. Remember, paying the transfer fee does not guarantee that you will be able to transfer or that you will be transferred to the team you are wanting to be transferred to. It depends on the number of players returning , etc. You must be 3 years old on July 31st, 2020 to register for the Fall season. Every player must upload a current passport qualifying photo during the registration process. The fee is $60 for youth players UNTIL Wednesday, August 12th, 2020. NO PLAYERS WILL BE ALLOWED TO REGISTER AFTER Wednesday, AUGUST 12th, 2020! The fee for player’s requesting a Transfer is $75 until Wednesday, August 12th, 2020. We accept credit cards only. New players or players who have not played in a while may put the name of the team they want to play for in the comments, but again, there are no guarantees as to where they will be placed. We will be at the soccer complex on Monday, July 20th,2020, from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm to help those of you who do not have access to a computer. You need to bring a birth certificate for each NEW player registering on those days. We accept credit cards only. NO CASH! If you have registered a NEW player earlier and have not scanned their birth certificate into the computer, you must bring their birth certificate to the complex on one of those days.

Coaches, stay in touch with the commissioner for your age division about the number of players returning to your team from the spring and with any questions you may have. Remember to contact your commissioner and get your team username, password and instructions on how to check your roster to see if all the players who are supposed to be registered have in fact registered. Please remember to register your own player. Each team is responsible for their own uniforms. Players names may be on the back of their uniform. Uniform guidelines are on pages 17/18 of our rules. Please check with your Commissioner to make sure that the team name you are considering has not already been taken.

All coaches, assistant coaches or managers must complete a background check every fall. Go to the www.gwfsa.org, Registration page, click on either the Coaches or Managers box. Use your username and password if you have coached or been a manager before. If not, use the new box. There is not a fee for coaches or managers to register. The association pays that fee. Follow it to the last page, that is where your background report questions are answered. Make sure that you enter your team name in the appropriate box. After completing the background check, all new coaches and any returning coaches who have not already done so, must log on to www.ntxsoccer.org and click on Safe Sport Certification and complete it. You must have completed both the Coaches Background Check and the Safe Sport Certification to be added to your team roster or participate with any registered players. If you are trying to start a new team, make sure that you contact your Commissioner so that they know about your team. Every coach must upload a current passport qualifying photo during the registration process. Coaches are responsible for having access to a phone to manage your roster with passport qualifying photo of each player. Each player must upload a passport qualifying photo during their registration process. You must log on to gotsoccer and present your team roster on your phone with pictures of your players to the referee before the start of each match for comparison to the players present. If a player is late for the start of the game, they may not play until you present them to the referee for certification at the next available substitution stoppage. Please be aware that the Executive Board of the GWFSA has initiated a team fee in the amount of $50 per team. Each New team must log on the www.gwfsa.org , Registration and log on to the Team Registration icon to pay the $50 team fee. It must be paid by August 29th, 2020 or your team will not be eligible to play in its first match on September 12th, 2020. If the team fee was paid in the spring 2020, your team does not have to pay the fee this fall 2020.

Player placement will be from August 16th, 2020 until August 22nd, 2020. We start at 6:30 pm and continue until 11:00 pm or so each night. All players names will be released to coaches by Sunday, August 23rd at midnight. Coaches, if you have not heard from your commissioner by Tuesday, August 25th, 2020, contact the commissioner for your age division. Their contact information is under the Contact icon on the GWFSA home page. Parents if you have not heard from a coach by Thursday, August 27th 2020, contact the commissioner for your age division. Their contact information is under Contacts on the GWFSA home page. Or you may contact Claude Miller crm2027@gmail.com.

All teams play a ten week season this Fall. All U4 through U8 players will receive a participation award. The U9 through U16 boys and girls teams will receive first and second place award for their finish during the ten week season.

All youth league games will be scheduled on Saturdays. Monday and Tuesday evenings will be reserved for rescheduled games. The only scheduling conflicts that will be considered when making the schedule are for head coaches who coach more than one team. If you are the head coach of more than one team, make sure you contact Ashley Panik (ashleypanik@live.com) by the end of July or first of August before the schedule is done. If you have a conflict after the schedule is made, each team is allowed two reschedules each season if the other team is willing to reschedule. All reschedules must go through Claude Miller (crm2027@gmail.com) by email 48 hours in advance of the regularly scheduled game.

We are in desperate need of referees. You must be 13 years old to take the referee clinic. The clinic is done all on line now with a field session to be scheduled after taking the on line clinic. There is no fee for taking the referee clinic. Please consider becoming a referee. The pay is good and if you only did one game a day, it would help us out. For more information, please contact Michele Watson 940-704-3207. More information will be posted under Referee Information under the Resources icon on this web page.

The playing rules are found in our Rules and Regulations under Resources on our home page. They start on page 16. Remember that each recreational player MUST play one half (1/2) of every game. Disciplinary action will be taken against any coach who violates this rule and the game will be forfeited by the team if the violation is documented.

Please do not berate the referees or assistant referees. In most cases, they are children. Think about how you would feel if it were your child being confronted by adults. Coaches, remember that you are responsible for your spectators conduct as well as your own. We have adopted a zero tolerance policy. It is posted under the Policies icon. If we get called to a field to handle a problem, and the situation does not improve, the parties involved will be dismissed from the complex. The officers and commissioners cannot overrule a referee. We may only ask him at a stoppage in play if he understands the rule which is being complained about. If he says he does, then your only recourse is for the COACH of record to come in the office and fill out a referee complaint detailing what the referee was not doing correctly so that the referee staff may council them.

GWFSA does not allow any practices or scrimmage games on the soccer fields. Please limit your warm up period for your team to ten minutes prior to your scheduled game. Also, please keep your children off of the empty fields during league games. Please take note that there are no pets allowed on the GWFSA premises. You will be asked to leave if you bring one. Also, glass containers are not allowed and smoking is prohibited. Please pick up your trash after each game. It is rude to leave your bench area a mess for the following team. Please be considerate of others. Players may not wear jewelry of any kind, have a hard cast or hard barrettes during games. The City of Wichita Falls enforces no parking on the north end of the complex between the fence and Southwest Parkway. You may be ticketed if you park there.