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Players U4 through U19 who have birth dates from 2014 through 2000 and want to play on recreational teams here in Wichita Falls use the Youth Recreational icon. If they have played before, you must use the username and password assigned to them to make sure they remain on the same team. The computer uses those to identify them as the correct player! Please read the newsletter under resources for more information.

Players who played in the Fall of 2017 and want to TRANSFER to another team for the Spring 2018 MUST use the Youth Requesting Transfer icon.

Academy only players contact Albert Jimenes, registrar, to pay by $30.00 check and fill out the appropriate academy form.  If you plan to play both recreational and academy, please use the recreational icon.

Competitive players contact Albert Jimenes, registrar, to register and for other information. All competitive players must try out for the competitive teams during the month of June, 2017 and sign a contract the first week of July 2017. Competitive players must be born in 2007 through 2000.

Adult players over the age of 21 years and players who are not 18 years old and want to play in the adult league please use the Adult icon.

The Coaches and Managers registration box is open. Only NEW Coaches and Managers for the Spring 2018 will have to do a background check. Coaches use the coaches registration box. Managers use the managers registration box. Use the username and password which was sent to you if you have coached or been a manager before. If you have not been a coach or manager, please use the new box. The association will pay the $5 fee.

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