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Youth U9 thru U19 Fall Season Ends

Sat. Oct 27, 2018 -- Sat. Oct 27, 2018

Fund Raiser Product Pick Up

Sat. Oct 27, 2018 -- Sat. Oct 27, 2018

Girls Post Season Tournament

Sat. Nov 3, 2018 -- Sun. Nov 4, 2018

Boys Post Season Tournament

Sat. Nov 10, 2018 -- Sun. Nov 11, 2018

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Games are being played Sunday, October 21st. ...


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Cassidy Guice Keeter not sure if this affects y’all

Kayla Gilbreath

Kayla Ann Aldrete

Douglas Gulley

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U9 through U15 boys and girls teams please bring your $25 bond check for the post season tournament tomorrow afternoon, Sunday, October 21st, from 1:00 pm thru 4:30 pm. Remember that you get the check back or it is destroyed once your team completes the tournament games. Thank you. Becky ...

All games scheduled for Saturday, October 20th, are cancelled and will not be rescheduled. There is too much standing water on the fields and we feel that because they are saturated, they will not improve enough to play today. Hopefully the rain is over for a while and the remaining games for the season can be played. ...


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I'm not sure that everyone knows the amount of time and effort it takes to reschedule games. Fields must be maintained, volunteers must be present, teams must be given ample time to prepare, and referees must be able to work. Games are being played during the week, 3 days, for the next 2 weeks. I am a commissioner for the GWFSA. I am a volunteer. I also coach two teams. I am also a referee. We are short referees and that causes difficulties when assigning and rescheduling games. I am working games today, volunteering tomorrow and working games Monday, Tues and Thurs. Like all the other volunteers I take time away from my family to be at the complex to help. To hear people accuse us of taking your money is not only unwarranted accusations but 100% false. The last time games were not rescheduled the association scheduled a FREE event before the start of the next season. Perhaps, something like that can be done again. Volunteer your time. Make a difference. The association takes player safety very seriously. Hopefully we can play tomorrow.

If parents do not like how GWFSA is running things, then when they need people to be on the board and run the league step up and be a part of it. It isn't an easy job to volunteer to do. And yes, I have served time on two different league associations. Parents do not want to help, but are quick to gripe about how everything is ran.

We pay alot of money , for them not to be rescheduled

Are games on for today?

Any update for today’s games?

Any update for tomorrow?

Yes out of town leagues have been canceled but they have be RESCHEDULED!!!GWFSA IS NOTHING BUT A MONEY PIT. All contractors to work on the fields is the oh what’s his names son So go figure. It’s not that is was cancelled it’s that they are not getting all the games they paid for which is crap. But then again we talking about gwfsa. The worst soccer club in Texas.

My son actually looks forward to his soccer games it’s a shame this is our second game then has been canceled and not rescheduled. Could this soccer season not be extended? Or could you not at least give the parents the option of adding their input?

I also am a commissioner and a coach in two sports. I am fine with not rescheduling because it would conflict with the other sports we have coming up that we start practicing for beginning in November. Frankly I do disagree with the “by laws” that say the association has until an hour or so before the games to let us know if they will cancel. This is not enough time for families (especially those with multiple kids and little kids) to plan and get ready then turnaround and change it all again last minute. Problem is that if you all want this changed, you need to attend the big meeting and speak up. If enough of us do this, things can be changed. And if more people would step up and help it would be better. Right now, and for years, I’ve witnessed Becky Turpin bust her butt And going above and beyond for this association where if it had not been for her, I really believe it would have already collapsed upon itself. We need more people to step up and perform the duties it takes to run this thing the right way. She won’t be around forever and neither will some of the other elders there. Much respect to Becky and please step up and help if you feel so strongly about this league. Time for basketball season to start so I’m fine with the way it sits now.

I agree. I understand that it's only one game but I paid money for my daughter to play his season. Prices get raised we deserve to have our games rescheduled. If a team can't play due to other circumstances than they forfeit and take the loss. I get that other sports are starting up but well we live in Texas.... the weather always is crazy. My kids have other sports also but I'll make it work! if we have to play someone back to back that's fine. Idk the game should be rescheduled.

What about the bond checks for the post season tournament? Still due today?

Why not reschedule them

Autumn Fernandez Marisa Chandler idk if y’all already knew or not

Our team had 2 games today and neither one of those is going to be rescheduled?

I appreciate the explanation!

Going back to sleep then. Later

Trisha Hoover Courtney Clark

Brenda Walker Williams Tasha Williams Tinsley

Brandy Garcia

Aubree Burgher

Delia Casillas

Kimberly Hair Megan Deason Amber Hill

VictorRay Gamboa


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All games scheduled for Saturday, October 13th, are cancelled. The Bond Checks for the Post Season Tournament will be turned in next Saturday, October 20th. ...


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What about make games scheduled for tomorrow?

Can someone update all the scores, they are like the weeks behind!

Craziest. Season. Ever.

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Delia Casillas

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